About Us

We specialise in assisting corporations to achieve sustainability outcomes in developing economies.

GPT Circular facilitates the prevention of plastic waste leakage into the environment by enabling the commercialisation of waste resources.

This occurs through;

  • the creation of trading partnerships,
  • project planning and delivery
  • Government liaison
  • Community engagement
  • by supporting and promoting circularity and sustainability within the plastic value chain.

Our Goal

To Create Solutions.

We are working towards a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable way of living by helping to prevent plastic waste leakage into the environment by enabling the commercialisation of waste resources.

By the creation of ethically and financially sustainable systems within the plastic value chain, we convert what was once waste into a valuable resource - enabling circular chains of use and preventing plastic waste leakage into the environment.

Our Services

Our Mission

To make the planet a cleaner, healthier place.


How we are

By operating as a total system enabler, our methodology allows us to insulate our clients from the volatile and fluctuating reused plastic markets. Working locally and internationally, we can hedge our activities, deliver tangible outcomes and protect our end-users from unpredictable market trends.

Our strength lies in our ability to work across all facets of the plastics value chain and develop culturally and geographically appropriate client outcomes.

This methodology allows us to develop value-adding strategies to lower and medium-value recyclates. GPT aims to supply feedstock to financially feasible projects to forward-thinking global enterprises.

GPT adheres to the strictest anti-corruption, anti-slavery, equal opportunity, child labour and fair-trade practices and provides ethically sourced materials with provenance certification to ensure our partners are well placed to communicate their activities proudly.

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